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Monthly meetings are held every fourth Tuesday September through May, 6:30 pm (social), 7:00 pm - meeting begins. Meetings are held at South Valley Library, 15650A Wedge Parkway, a boldly designed mustard yellow building ~1 mile from the intersection of Wedge Parkway and Mt. Rose Highway. Enter the meeting room directly from the door on the Wedge Parkway side of the building. We look forward to seeing you there!

September 28, 2010 - Robin Powell - Saving Nevada’s Birds, Acre by Acre

Some of them live here, some just pass through, some spend only the summer or the winter here. But all of them - Nevada’s birds - share one common need: habitat. And that’s the focus of Nevada’s IBAs. And what is an IBA you ask? (Don’t feel bad - lots of people don’t know what an IBA is, so you’re not alone.) An IBA is an Important Bird Area, and Nevada presently has 39 of them, all managed and monitored by Robin Powell, Nevada’s Director of Bird Conservation. Join us for a fun and informative look at the IBA Program, with photographs of several priority areas and a discussion of several conservation projects underway at several IBAs. Come share the successes and the challenges Robin faces as she continues to try to bring public awareness to the needs of these areas. You’ll also find out how YOU can volunteer to help save YOUR birds at one or more of these areas of critical concern near you.

October 26, 2010 - Kenneth A. Rohrs - Symbolic Birds

Kenn Rohrs, a former member of the LAS Board of Trustees, and the founder and facilitator of our “Birds and Books” group, will present an informative and interesting program exploring birds as icons and symbols. Many different birds have inspired our stories, poetry, and music. The Bald Eagle and the Mountain Bluebird symbolically represent the United Sates and the Sate of Nevada. Blue Jays, Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, and Ravens, are some of the birds that give their names to sports teams, cars, airplanes, and wine. Join us for this entertaining look at birds as symbols (and just maybe go home with some new information to “crow” about!)

November 23, 2010 - Sharon Shafer - The Art of Nature: Images from the Wildlands of Southern Nevada

Sharon K Schafer is an accomplished fine artist and photographer. Through her photographs, paintings, and field sketches Schafer invites us to explore the stunning natural beauty of southern Nevada’s wildlands. Southern Nevada is a land of great contradictions and contrasts. It is at once austere, enchanting, and secretive. It is a land of mystery…a land of contrasts and contradictions…a land of great beauty and little rain. A glimpse of the hidden beauty and grace of nature can change a viewer. By looking at these images Sharon hopes the viewer comes away with a different perspective - no longer seeing the Public Lands of southern Nevada as a desert wasteland, but rather as a place of unparalleled natural beauty and diversity that is deserving of our care and concern.

January 25, 2010 - Doug Canham - Midway Atoll - It’s History and its Birds

Midway Atoll has just recently been reopened to very limited tour and photo groups. Doug Canham, an avid nature photographer here in Reno, visited the islands and will share his experience with us. Doug will first show some historic photos of this remarkable place and then a selection of his own bird photos. The atoll is a truly remarkable place. There were about 1.5 million Laysan Albatrosses there while he was on the atoll (he promises his photo set won’t show all them!) and many other birds that nest there (mostly pelagic species) plus a few other aquatic visitors. Join us for a wonderful evening of fabulous photos.

February 22, 2010 - To Be Announced


March 22, 2010 - Bird ID Panel: Round 4

Details TBA

April 26, 2010 - To Be Announced


May 23, 2010 - Tony Wasley - History of Mule Deer in Nevada

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