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    Below are the SNC Award Rules for 2005. Rules for the 2006 season will be posted after the Awards Dinner on March 10th.

  1. Only JR and AA SNC-CDS members are eligible for the SNC Awards Program. Open riders are not eligible. Introductory level rides are not eligible towards annual awards or high point award.
  2. Awards are given for each level separately and Juniors are awarded separate from AA riders.
  3. For clarification purposes, awards are based on a rider/horse combination. In other words, awards are accrued for the pair. A rider may ride as many horses as they wish, however, points will be earned and tallied for each pairing separately and each different pairing will be eligible. To further clarify, if one rider rides a different horse at another level, that "other" pair will be eligible for awards as well.
  4. A rider/horse pair can only win an award at one level regardless of the number of levels they are showing. A rider/horse pair that is winning at two levels will be awarded based on their placing. For example, A rider/horse pair who is third place at Second level and first place at First level will get an award for First level only, because it is the higher placing.
  5. Participation is based on a minimum of 4 scores at a level.
  6. Participation in any Reno area show is applicable towards the Awards Program, i.e. Reno Chapter, Franktown and Equest Shows are applicable.
  7. Participation in any and all Sierra Gold Championship Series show(s) is applicable towards the Awards Program, as long as the rider has ridden at a minimum of 2 SNC-CDS shows.
  8. Awards are given based on a high average of the best 4 scores at the participants level.
  9. The Awards Program includes shows from January through December.

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